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This isn't the fun part...but it IS important

Please read and follow these rules. We have them in place for EVERYONE's safety and the enjoyment of current and future guests.

  • Quiet Time 10 pm - 7 am

  • NO littering - this includes cigarette butts

  • NO Glass In Campgrounds or River

  • No ATV riding on the property (except to exit)

  • Children should be monitored at all times - the nature of our beautiful area presents some dangers

  • Dogs must be leashed any time they are not in a cabin, tent, or vehicle. They must be friendly with other dogs and people. There is an off-leash working dog on the property.

  • NEVER take a boat into the water without assistance from staff or owners

  • NO driving or parking outside of designated areas. 

  • Please turn off all lights (inside and out), heaters, and a/c when not in use

Don't Make it Weird.. (Yes, these have really happened)

  • Please no pooping in campgrounds-we have campground restrooms.

  • No nudity, this isn't that kind of place

  • Do not cut down any trees of our trees.

  • No, you can't take our dog, Shop, home with you. You CAN give him food & treats though.

  • Don't bring stray animals in the cabins

  • No hole digging. Metal Detectors and Crystal mining not allowed on site. You can pick up crystals you find laying around though :) There are lots.

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