Single - $45.00 each

Tandem - $55.00 each

River Tubes

$20.00 each


$50.00 each

Kayak, Canoe, and Tube Shuttles 

We have a variety of options available for river trips! All shuttle pricing includes boat or tube, lifejackets, paddles, and shuttle!

Drop Off Shuttles

We'll take you up-river and drop you off. You float back down to our property and your vehicle!


17 river miles - Shirley Creek (add $5 to rental for this trip)

13 river miles - Oden Access

9 river miles - Pencil Bluff

7 river miles - Caves

4 river miles - Barbie Bridge

3 river miles - Rocky Shoals

Pick Up Shuttles

Hop in the river at our property, float on down and we'll pick you up!

These trips are a little more tricky due to communication. We'll schedule a time for pick-up. There is a charge if you're very late!


1 river mile - Sims Bridge (a good tube trip)

4 river miles - Fulton Branch

6 river miles - Dragover Float Camp

9 river miles - River Bluff

Overnight and Weekend Trips

You can take our boats for a kayak or canoe camping trip! You can camp (almost) anywhere on the banks of the Ouachita.

We'll help you plan your trip!


Regular Boat Rental fee plus $25/each additional day

*must have card on file for damage