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Planning Your Cabin Stay

What is Provided?

  • Our kitchens are stocked with all the basic items you may need to cook. Pots, pans, plates, glasses, and cutlery as well as oil, salt and pepper, sugar, coffee, and coffee filters.

  • The cabins have wifi and direcTV in the living room. The only internet available out here is satellite-based, so in cloudy weather and storms it sometimes runs slower than normal wifi.

  • Linens (comforters, sheets, pillows) and 1 towel per guest

  • Paper towels and toilet paper

  • Dish Soap and Brush/Sponge

  • Charcoal Grill (charcoal and lighter fluid not included).

  • Firewood is available for purchase @ $5/bundle

Items to Bring

  • Alcohol (Only if you want it, of course). We are in a dry county, so the closest liquor store is 45 minutes away! 

  • Bottled Water. Our cabins are on well water; It is filtered and safe to drink, but it often has a sulphuric scent. If that may bother you, you might want to bring some bottles.

  • Bug Spray - Nature includes mosquitoes sometimes, so you may want to bring some bug spray!

  • Charcoal/Lighter fluid for the grill

  • Shampoo/Body Wash/Hygiene Products

  • Paper Plates/Plastic cups - if you don't want to hand wash dishes. Otherwise, we have plenty of plates and glasses for you!

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